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VGH Viktoria Garten Huttenindustriebedarf AG


Today VGH AG has a unique standing in the market. VGH is recognized in many renowned steel works around the world as a reliable partner for an especially wide range of products and solutions and for our expertise in consultancy and logistical services.


We offers an extensive range of refractory products and services. This range has grown over the years to meet the high demands of today’s steel-making industry. From VGH’s strong network, customers can expect the best in innovative and reliable refractory solutions, which are essential to top quality steel production.

Fire and Metal – the Beginning of Technology

Services Your Steel, Our Profession


    VGH gives you a competitive edge – particularly in a global environment – with technologies that have proven themselves throughout years of practice. And all with an eye for up-to-date processes and procedures, including better steel quality…

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    Our goal is to increase your production to secure you an optimal positioning on the world market. For this reason, we not only back a collaborative partnership and constructive dialogue with our clients, but also a close and fair cooperation with our contractors…

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    VGH creates complete concepts in terms of refractories, casting fluxes, service, equipment, machines and accessories. Our comprehensive range includes products that meet every steelworks’ needs – and our specific product …

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    VGH AG has introduced Quality Management System according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 in order to implement its guidelines and achieve its goals. Quality Management System has been approved by the company management and is obligatory for all departments and staff…

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    From planning and delivery of integrated technologies through a well-researched, comprehensive analysis to metallurgical expertise. This is the kind of know-how that brings your production up to speed – and secures you the necessary edge in global competition…


    Our special strength is flexibility. In the shortest time possible, we fulfil your specific requirements. That means no delivery bottlenecks, no production downtime, no costly warehousing. In other words, quality delivered right on time…

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One element, one passion Staying cool, even when it heats up

VGH Group

  • Theramer GmbH

    VGH manufactures and delivers products and solutions from Western Europe to different parts of the world. These cover...

    10. März 2017

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  • Petronix Engineering GmbH

    Individual refractory solutions require corresponding customerspecific machines and equipment. This is where the VGH...

    10. März 2017

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  • VGH Logistics GmbH

    Just-in-time deliveries and the timely supply and flow of materials are essential factors in the steel-making process....

    10. März 2017

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